Thursday, September 18, 2008

Presidential Fitness Testing

Our homeschool association meets on Tuesday nights. We don't attend most of the sessions for lack of interest and just plain ol being busy. But we choose to attend the Presidential Fitness Testing nights. There is one in the Fall and two in the Spring. So, last Tuesday we headed out and watched the picklets test their fitness. They participate in 5 different areas. Shuttle run, sit ups, push-ups, pull-ups and flexibility. In the Spring they add running to the mix.

There are three ways to "place" in the testing. Participant, National and Presidential. Participant basically says you tried and great job. There is a set number to meet for National and Presidential in order to get those awards. The numbers vary depending on the ages of the kids.
I really like seeing the progress the picklets make through out the year. Last fall the boys only had participant in all the areas. By Spring they had National. This fall Chip had Presidential in all areas. Dill had Presidential in two areas and National in the others. Sweet placed Presidential in all.

Come Spring they will test for the awards. A certificate and patch is the goal. Since gymnastics is playing such an important role in their lives I know winning the Presidential Award means alot to them.

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