Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fresh Iowa Grapes

Yesterday the picklets and I got to pick grapes. Oh, how I love those concord grapes. From the fragrance I that hits my nose the minute I stepped in the backyard to the way the slimy inside reminds me of an eyeball as it slides down my throat.

We brought home about 10 lbs of the lucious wonders.I juiced some up to make jelly with as soon as I get myself some pectin. I then decided to make a grape pie. I made mother of the year for this baby. It may not be pretty but I bake a mean pie.The filling was a bit looser than I like but the crust was crispy and the fruit taste exploded in your mouth. Dill has informed me he will eat it again for breakfast and asked if we could go pick more this weekend.It is definately tempting.

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Summer Fae said...

I have never had fresh grapes. I am sooo jealous.