Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ketchup and Apple Butter

Yesterday the picklets and I made use of the pitiful crop of tomatoes and the leftover apples. Homemade ketchup and crock pot apple butter. They both turned out great and taught the picklets that making both is a process, a L-O-N-G process. Best of all: the jars all sealed, about 30 seconds after leaving the boiling bath water. YEAH!

(On a side note: The jars are resting on a Papa John's pizza box, the home of our new love. Hawaiian Chicken Pizza. OMG...that pizza is out of this world. Especially if you like bbq sauce, pineapple, chicken, onion and bacon. YUMMMMM)

I for some reason did not take pictures of the process but here is the final product. I can't tell you how excited the picklets are to have apple butter on their toast this morning. :)
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