Monday, October 6, 2008

Helping a Friend

The picklets were asked to help their friend from ensemble with a school project. She is a junior and had to give an 8-10 minute speech on Moravian and German music in the 16-1800's. The picklets were her audio/visual props.
This was an interesting experience. Sweet has never been in a classroom setting. The boys haven't been for years. We had to sit through morning announcements (that lasted 5 minutes), we walked the halls with 9-12th graders (all looking at us like we had horns growing out our ears) and we got to see the childish attitude of teenagers. You should have heard some of them grumbling about the "cool" props and laughing at the funny clothing the picklets wore. The teacher had to shhh them more than once. It was disturbing, but I guess that is what happens when you get hundreds of hormonal teenagers together with little supervision for 8 hours a day. They lose something. Oh well.

Anyway, they helped with two songs. Chip played the bass for a cereisniski (that is not spelled right but I can't remember how to spell it) while Dill and Sweet danced to it. The second song was a line dance called O Dej Nam Pane and they all danced.Their actual performance was just a little over 2 minutes but it was worth it. Helping a friend is something I have (I hope) instilled in the kiddos. And, if nothing else, it reminded me exactly why my children are homeschooled.

You can watch one of the dances.

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