Monday, October 6, 2008

Unplugged: White

This week's Unplugged theme was tough. When I asked the kids what they wanted to do for the theme "white" Dill piped up and said, "Let's draw a polar bear eating marshmallows in a snow storm." That boy and his sense of humor With much talk about snow, marshmallows and snowcones, we finally came up with homemade ice cream. Didn't take much twisting of my arm to agree to that one.

Once the ingredients were assembeled and put in the ice cream freezer the picklets took turns churning the handle.As the table got wetter and wetter, the freezer kept slipping and sliding requiring a helper to hold the bucket still.
This is my favorite picture of the day. My two boys hands working side by side.
All our cranking paid off in the end.Our 4th generation recipe ice cream turned out just perfect.The added bonus was we all got ice cream headaches! It was soooo worth it.
© 2008 Wicked Pickles-Homefront Lines


Gottfredsen said...

All i have to say is yum. What a great project.

So Smrt said...

My husband and your son have the same sense of humor...he said exactly the same thing when I told him the theme.


Anonymous said...

You guys do THE coolest stuff!