Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Heroes

Yes, this is one of my heroes. You probably ask yourself, “Why would an old guy in a funny clown nose be your hero?” Well, let me tell you. He is a hero because he left his family to fight in WWII. He went over seas with his comrades. He fought for the freedom of our country. He fought for MY freedom. He fought for YOUR freedom. He lost friends, comrades, brothers in WWII. He held wounded trying to keep them comfortable until help could get to them. He understood sacrafice and felt proud that he could just help. And today he feels comfortable enough to wear a clown nose and stomp on bubble wrap to amuse his great grandchildren. He IS a hero.Yes, she is another of my heroes. Why you ask? Let me tell you why. When the above mentioned hero went overseas to fight for the freedom of his country, she stayed behind, left to raise her family. She worked as a housekeeper and cook and still had time to raise a youngling who was trying to figure out where his daddy was and why he didn’t come home at the end of the day. She read him stories and played with him in the yard. She prayed and waited for letters to come in the post so she knew her beloved, overseas, was ok. And after living through that perilous time, she will still wear a red clown nose and sit on the floor to play the frog game with her great grandchildren. Yes, she is a hero.

Here is to all my heros…the soldiers and their families who know what true sacrafice is. THANK YOU!

Note: This is from my older blog that has been deleted. It means alot to me to be able to repost it. Keep all the Vets in your thought and prayers today (and always). All they do, they do for YOU.

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Alicia said...

What sweet pictures and a great reminder. Thanks for mentioning the families who sacrifice when their loved ones are serving too.

Our kids called Grandpa and thanked him for serving our country yesterday. He was in Korea and was the only one in his unit to make it home. He still has lots of shrapnel in his body and all these years later still has PTSD and nightmares from his time there. We talk a lot about what he and others went through for our country. It's the least we can do!

We usually do a unit on it for Veteran's Day but this year I sort of flaked out. LOL Luckily we do stuff about it the rest of the year to help make up for when Mom is a deadbeat. ;)

Think! said...

We all have a lot of veterans to be thankful for! Thanks for sharing! And, we miss you at Think!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post. You almost made me cry. (I mean that in a good way).

Beet's Mom said...

Isn't it wonderful that we have such wonderful Grandparents for ourselves and our children to look up to and respect. I often think that my Grandpa has to be the most amazing man in the world. He is the kindest and most loving man and I am proud to be his granddaughter. He is my Hero!