Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Week

This has been a very trying week. Monday my grandpa was rushed to the University hospital with shortness of breath. He has congestive heart failure and has been no stranger to visiting hospitals but this is the first time to the BIG hospital and the first time by ambulance. Wednesday I received the call from my dad that the doctors don't think he will make it through the night and to pick mom up and get to the hospital. We left the hospital at about midnight with grandpa doing a bit better. I spent the night with my mom just in case we needed to get to the hospital fast. My dad and grandma stayed at the hospital. Thursday morning I called my dad and he said my grandpa was about the same, that I should go home and mom should go to work.

I was home about half an hour when I got the phone call that we needed to get back to the hospital ASAP. I changed my clothes, kissed Cool goodbye and headed to pick my mom up. On the way mom called to tell me she was worried about my dad because he complained of feeling woozy. That made me drive a bit faster. After picking mom up we headed back to the University, doing about 85, passing everyone on our way. We walked in the room to find my grandpa sitting up and talking, telling jokes. In a matter of no more than one and a half hours he did a complete turn around. Mom and I stayed at the hospital all day. He talked about his childhood a bit, ordered his meal (with plenty of peas and carrots) and watched the news. After lunch he took a 4 hour nap! When he woke up he was his same old self. Couldn't believe it.

The decision has been made, by my grandma and grandpa, that he will leave the hospital and reside in a nursing home, only it is being referred to as an "interim care facility for rehab purposes". He realizes the care he needs is beyond my grandma's capability. The "facility" they chose is only 2 blocks from their house so grandma can visit every day. So, tomorrow grandpa will leave the University by ambulance and go to his new home. A new lifestyle to adjust to for both of them, for all of us.

So, as trying as the week was, it has ended up pretty darned good, better than any of us expected. Maybe by Monday I will be rested up and ready to tackle the world again. But then again, maybe I will want to cuddle with my kids and let them know, as grandpa said this week, "life is short, enjoy it while you can". Yep, that is what I will do


The Giggles Family said...

There are days when I don't think we have done enough school work or enough house work and then I sit back at the end of those days and think about all the fun we had walking in the park or going to the beach or just hanging out and snuggling on the couch.
I am so glad to read about your grandpa's turnaround. It will be a life adjustment for all, but well worth it in the end. Thanks so much for posting his advice. I will certainly take it into consideration each day.

Beet's Mom said...

I am glad your Grandpa is doing better. We missed you on Saturday but I told everyone why you could not be there and they said they will keep your Grandpa in their prayers.