Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Human Body

With all the medical hullabaloo going on around here, I thought it would be a superb time for a human body study. So, I pulled out some books that were given to me and the picklets have been studying cells and tissues.

We got creative earlier this week and made cells to demonstrate the nucleus and other parts of the cell. They spent about half an hour picking out what they wanted to represent the various items. We used this as our inspiration and used the list contained here for what they needed. Photobucket That way they could read tubular and and decided that a candy cigarette would work. It really was a lot of fun and the picklets were looking forward to eating them.Photobucket

Unfortunately, I told the picklets to set them on the porch to cool. Little did I know that having them sit there for a few hours would result in frozen solid jello. Ice to the core. The picklets never got to eat what they worked so hard to accomplish.Photobucket
I bet they will not forget the day they made jello cells though. ;-)

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