Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Plans

Every year we say we are going to celebrate solstice. Every year we fail, this year is no exception. We had great plans this year. A real tree bought before Thanksgiving. It is now frozen in a bucket out our front door. Might not get that baby loose until Spring. We weren't going to put up our commercial ornaments. The kids were going to make ornaments from pine cones, acorns, sticks and imagination. Those are all still in boxes, except for the imagination. Ugh! So we forge forth to Christmas.

We have decided not to buy presents this year. Originally we were going to save the money we would use on presents to save for a vacation to Texas this coming summer. But...raises and bonuses have been canceled and we need that extra money to survive this coming year. No presents is a good thing. We are overcome with material processions and greed. If someone has it we want it. Doing without will be good. I have informed all the families we will not be buying gifts. My family agreed not to buy gifts too. Cools family simply ignored the email I sent. Makes me wonder why I even try. (Great Christmas spirit, uh?)

Not buying presents has been a great thing though. The picklets have been going through their things and giving them away to people as gifts. Sweet gave my mom a collectors doll she received for Christmas a few years ago. My mom loved it. Dill gave my dad his camouflage comforter for his bed. (my dad just bought himself camo sheets and Dill thought the comforter would match perfectly) My dad loved it! Chip printed off pictures he took and gave them to my mom and dad. Sounds cheesy to some, I know, but it really is the thought that counts.

Santa will make a visit with 1 present each for the picklets plus stockings for all. The picklets really thought about what they wanted to ask for. Dill and Chip each asked for an ocarina and Sweet asked for Felicity. They will each get what they asked for. I believe 1 family game will be given and then the usual stocking stuffer of a tooth tunes, candy, gum, nuts and fruit. Simple and all we need.

As for food I can be sure we will have our Christmas Story dinner of meatloaf, red cabbage and mashed potatoes. I probably will make the Christmas tree cinnamon rolls I make each year. Other than that I have no out of the ordinary plans. The picklets are going to make cookies to leave out for the big guy.

It may not be traditional Christmas plans but they will be packed with great memories for the kids. If nothing else it will be known as the year we had an outdoor Christmas tree.

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