Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Plans for the New Year

I proclaim, 2009 will be the year we actually accomplish something. I say that earnestly.

I haven't thought my plans out well, but I do know where I am going to start. On January 5th we will start off with Last Lecture. We will watch the lecture, talk about it and put into practice some of what we learned. It will be a good start.

We will continue going through the Human Body books. I have three books for the picklets to finish.

Chip will continue learning about the Holocaust. He showed some interest in it and that is why we decided to use the lap book. It should give him a basic knowledge of what happened.

Sweet and I will finish up the American Girls Body Book lap book we started two months ago. I have really grown to value that time I get to spend one on one with her.

Dill, oh my Dill. He is one lazy boy. Unless it has to do with Pokemon, Yughio, Nintendo DS or some other electronic device he doesn't want to study it. But I will find something that will interest him.

We are going to try for mid morning teas. Dill thinks he is too old for teas and that is fine. Dill, Sweet and I will continue with them. I am hoping to add art as well as poetry, classical music and writing into the mix.

As for me personally, I am going to blog daily. I have learned I really need that out. I am already limiting computer time and will continue doing so. I am also working on making over our eating and exercise habits.

As I said, it is a start. Not where I really want to be but it is a start.

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