Friday, December 5, 2008

Yet Another Trying Week

I have run my bootie off this week, again.

Sunday the kids had ensemble practice which put us in town for 2 hours. Since we slept until ten, had to leave by 12:30 and didn't get home until after 4, we got nothing done.

Monday we had a Sokol meeting. It was our potluck and we had a good time but didn't get home until ten to ten. It always runs LONG!

Tuesday Gaga had an appointment in the big town and needed a ride. She was supposed to get hearing aids. Unfortunately the appointment resulted in no hearing aids because the inside of her ear canal was scraped at a recent Dr. appointment and started bleeding. She has another appointment next week. Fortunately, Cool was home to watch the kids. Unfortunately, he had a dentist appointment. He broke a tooth on Saturday and was able to be seen.

Wednesday my dad had a cardiac cath and had a stent put in. He goes to the VA Hospital. He had a stress test on Monday, was called personally by his doctor Monday afternoon and by the cardiac department at 5pm Monday evening. We knew it had to be serious...the VA just doesn't move that quickly. Tuesday he had an appointment with the cardiologist and Wednesday was scheduled for a cardiac cath. During the cath they found a 90%+ blockage. Luckily they were able to fix it with a stent. He had to spend the night in the hospital which ended up being a good thing since we were in the middle of a freaken blizzard. "Slick as snot" was a phrase we heard quite often. Mom and I got a hotel about a mile from the hospital. Once again, fortunately Cool was home to watch the picklets. Unfortunately he had another dentist appointment to have the remainder of the tooth pulled. Not good.

Thursday dad got released and I had the honor/privilege of driving him home. Of course the wind was about 40 mph and blew us all over the road. Of course my dad has always gotten car sick since he was a youngling. Of course he felt terrible by the time we got him home. I had to help mom put sand in the back of the truck. We loaded about 300 lbs. For those of you who don't know, the sand is to help the truck get traction during the winter months. We then had to carry a chair to the basement for my dad to fix. Then we had to fix my coat. My $75 coat bought new last year was ripped all the way down the side. It took us 2 hours to finally get it fixed. By the time I finished with that it was time to go to Family Activity Night for Sokol. Cool was in charge for the night and had ordered $78 worth of pizza to feed the crew. Unfortunately not everyone who RSVP'd showed up and the donations for supper weren't quite what was expected. We ate about $20 of the cost. We did get to take 2 pizzas home so it equaled out.

Friday is today and I am so relaxed, it is great! I have read blogs, worked crossword puzzles and watched a Looney Tunes Christmas with the picklets. I need to get up and do some laundry, clean up the house a bit and figure out something for supper. Maybe leftover pizza?

Saturday my aunt is getting married and I am the photographer. We have to be at the church at 10 for an 11 o'clock wedding. There is a small luncheon afterward. Then we have to run to the big city for a holiday parade that Sweet and Chip need to be in. There is 4" of snow on the is going to be cold.

And that brings up back to Sunday with another trip into town. Cool has been asked to help winterize the old Sokol building. Interim walls where windows used to be need insulated, steam radiators need to be drained, plywood needs to be put up and great stuff needs to be sprayed in a lot of places.

And that my friends is a week of my life.

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