Monday, March 30, 2009

Dog Omelets

Sweet had a craving for omelets last night. So, Cool made his famous omelets. He makes them to order. Ham and cheese for Sweet and Dill. Ham, cheese, onions and peppers for Chip. Onions, peppers, spinach and cheese with salsa for me. And everything for him.

As is tradition, Millie the Wonder Dog and Gracie the Meek each had an omelet prepared for them. The dog omelet tradition dates back to Cool's dad. He would make an omelet for his dog and his "granddog's" when they would spend the night. Yeah, we are a strange family. But, tradition is tradition and you don't monkey with tradition.

The dogs always get excited when they see the dog omelets. But then again, the dogs get excited when they see anything that is food related. They are very spoiled.

All that work in cooking to have them eaten up in 10 seconds.

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Anonymous said...

I love his omelets! Love Beet's Mom