Monday, March 30, 2009

Glide Kip

Sweet has been working on her glide kip. For those not knowing the gymnastics lingo:

The kip is a basic element performed on uneven bars, high bar, and parallel bars.

In a kip, the gymnast:

  1. Jumps to the bar
  2. Swings his legs forward (called the glide)
  3. Brings his legs up to the bar
  4. Lifts his body up to the bar
It is an intermediate gymnastics move that is very difficult to learn much less master. Sweet has been working on this since last April.

Can I tell you how proud we are that Sweet, tonight March 30, 2009, got her kip. It was not pretty. It was not perfect. Hell, it wasn't even nice looking. But all the gymnasts and all the parents stopped what they were doing to watch cheered her on making her feel on top of the world. The hug from her coach didn't hurt much either!

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Anonymous said...

Way to go Little Miss Thing! I can't wait to see you at compete! Love Beet's Mom