Monday, April 6, 2009

Life Poems

A life poem requires two things One to be about your life and two for the writer of the poem to be completely honest. The first stanza is about a room you spend time in followed by your heritage, your country, your town etc... You can find full directions at edhelper. It is really a neat poem to write and one that I will treasure forever from my picklets. I thought I would share mine too. :-) The picklets poems will follow in the next two posts.

My Life Poem by Gerkin Pickle

I am from clothes piled in a laundry basket
And sitting on an unmade bed of purple sheets
From dogs laying outside the door
And from an open, unkempt closet
I am from home---life mate snoring, computer humming.

I am from laughing, whooping, hollering
From playing games and riding bikes
From reading books aloud and listening to each other
From supper on the stove and tea sitting in the sun
I am from home—where it smells like spring and cows.

I am from the heartland
From Hawykeye’s and Cyclones
From Adventureland and Sokol
I am from a college area, farms and cities
And a town where we don’t fit in
I am from home—the land of fertile soil

I am from an odd bunch
From a Norwegian farmer and his Irish wife
From a stubborn Beguim with a square head
And a Bohemie who can cook better than anyone I know
From my best friend and a banker-barber
I am from home-- the roots of my being

I am from people helping people
And the Grand Canyon so deep
From Lady Liberty holding her lantern high
And Mount Rushmore watching over us
From freedom the result of bravery
I am from home—land of my ancestors

I am from hard but fun times
From simplified houses and organized lives
From less stressed, easier going situations
And financially sound family times
I am from home—living, loving, learning happily.

© 2009 Wicked Pickles-Homefront Lines
all rights reserved

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