Monday, April 6, 2009

Life Poem by Dill

My Life Poem by Dill Pickle

I am from the chair,
Near the Couch,
In front of the Coffee table,
On the hard wood floors;
I am from home, the t.v. and playing the wii.

I am from Happiness is felt,
And Voices are known,
And Dogs are barking,
And Toys are played with;
I am from home, where laughter and joy are heard.

I am from Lots of people.
Near Many pigs,
And tones of corn,
And Much loads of soybeans;
I am from home, near Mt Trashmore, I live here,

I am from Sokol Gymnastics,
And Sue the T-Rex,
The pentagon
And the Empire state building;
I am from home, The White house and The Golden gate Bridge.

I am from Ireland,
With Erin go Bragh,
To Zidle,
And Jak se mas;
I am from home, Debry den and the Czech Repulic.

I am from all will prosper,
And Nations will be friends,
And wizards are cool;
I am from home, Iraq will like us
I will have friends.

© 2009 Wicked Pickles-Homefront Lines
all rights reserved

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