Sunday, April 19, 2009

Meeting the Gov

The picklets were invited to meet the Governor of Iowa this weekend in the grand opening of Sykora Bakery in Czech Village. So they dressed in kroj and we headed to Czech Town. It was busy and there was the wonderful aroma of Czech pastry in the air.

We were standing in the bakery when I looked outside and saw the Gov talking to one of the Czech School Teachers. She is such a sweet lady and has the most wonderful smile.
The next time I looked over the Gov was shaking hands with Cool. (I missed the picture of course but got this one of him talking to him) Cool informed me that the Gov asked him how he was doing and Cool replied with, "Hi Chet." Good thing the Gov is a good ole Iowa boy and can accept being called Chet instead of Governor.
He shook hands with each of the picklets. Here is Chip shaking hands with him. Dill and Sweet looked on.
After talking about how he is happy that Czech Village is starting to reopen and the usual political hubub, the Gov posed with the picklets and their friends for a picture. I had to chastise Dill for the way he was smiling and got a big laugh from the Gov. Please read the update on this picture. Thank you.
We were standing outside talking about leaving when Sweet decided she needed to talk to the governor. She went to his aide and asked if she could talk to him. His aide said yes but to make it quick and just say, "hi". Sweet had other plans. She went up to him and asked him to please attend the gymnastics competition next week at Sokol. He said he would if he had time in his schedule.
He then shook her hand and told her good luck.
I don't think we will ever forget the day Sweet invited the governor to see her compete. It just makes me smile to think about it.

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Anonymous said...

Why did you decide to "etch" out the faces of the other Czech Royalty and Czech dancing children? Maybe you should have "etched" out the faces of all the other non-essential people in the rest of the photos. Just thinking it looks a little tacky.