Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Paragraph Poetry

Today I read a poem from Hand in Hand called Circles by Carl Sandburg. This poem is written in paragraph form. It doesn't necessarily flow the way you think a poem would. I asked the picklets if they could write a poem that is in paragraph form. They each went into a different room and wrote their poems on the same topic.

by Dill Pickle

Straddle on the P-Bars,
And head stand on the floor,
Kevin says, "Get more height on your swing"
near the high bar,
Do circles on the mushroom,
It's a straight jump on the vault,
And basket on the rings.

by Sweet Pickle

I tried my kip because
I am a Gymnast, I try
it and don't get it, I
try again and do. I get
it 3 times, but now can Not again.

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