Monday, April 6, 2009

Life Poem by Sweet

My Life Poem by Sweet Pickle

I am from dust on the wall
And a chair no one sits in
From clutter all around
And Gracie lying on the floor
From Number Three’s basket
I am from home and a couch where daddy eats chips.

I am from a messy home
From school work
And a messy yard
From smells like air
From playing with brother and sleeping on a bed
I am from home.

I am from sweet corn
From the flood of ’08 and farming
From Shawn Johnson
And the Hawkeyes
From pigs galore
I am from home.

I am from 43 presidents
And we speak English
From the liberty bell
From the statue of liberty
And I ‘m proud to be a citizen
I am from home—freedom is great here.

I am from Gaga and Grandpa
From the Czech Republic
And Sokol
From Stul and Oknam
I am from home

I am from living to be 115
From having 4 kids and being happy
From being healthy forever
And living in the country
From being an Olympic gymnast
I am from home!

© 2009 Wicked Pickles-Homefront Lines

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kathy said...

My, that was very nice! It made me stop and think and totally agree. Very nice!