Monday, April 20, 2009

TV Free Week

This is our second time participating in the TV Free Week Challenge hosted by Unplug Your Kids. We have such great memories of last year that we decided to participate again this year.

I have been thinking about how we should handle TV Free Week this year. We are not going to be home much because Sokol is preparing to host a gymnastics competition this weekend. Is it cheating if you aren't home?

With the changes I have made, I don't think so. Here are my plans:
  • Even though we watch a number of educational programs and movies I have decided that we will cut those out with the exception of the two netflix movies we have in our pocession. Nancy Drew TV series season 1 disc 3 and National Geographic Winged Migration will be watched at some point this week and sent back.
  • No school. Since we are going to be gone every day this week I have decided to cancel school as we know it.
  • Make something cool. We will make something cool everyday. I will more than likely leave the decision of what up to the picklets so stay tuned.
  • No un-needed telephone. This week will be spent telephone free with the exception of family and business.
  • Limited computer. I will still post 1 or 2 blog entries a day and will check my email once in the morning and once at night but will stay away from the computer, reading blogs and other non-essential items.
  • No Wii or DS games. They can go without for a week. Won't kill them.
  • Read aloud. I have many books here that I need to read to the picklets. I will make the time in the morning to read aloud to them. (snuck school in again didn't I?)
  • Have fun. We have been so stressed with Cool working a ton of overtime, working at the Sokol building and being broke that I am going to make everyone have fun even if it kills Seriously, we have been stressed so I am going to try to find 1 thing we can do that will be fun for everyone.
This is alot of change and isn't as extreme as last year but it is all I can do right now. We have been stressed and finding something fun we can all enjoy is probably the best thing we can do.

Happy TV Free Week!