Friday, April 3, 2009

What We Did Today

Kind of an odd day. We didn't follow any pattern or rhythm. We just did what we did.

Chip worked on his unit. He is studying Pearl Harbor, a unit he is making himself. More to come on that later.

The other two and I worked together:

We played An Alliteration game inspirited by Thomas Jefferson.

Dill and I worked on the April math Calendar. There really was no working on it, I showed the calendar to Dill and rattled the answers off.

Dill and Sweet saw that I borrowed The Complete Dramitic Works of William Shakespeare The Winter's Tale. Oh boy were they happy, and I am not joking about that. I read that book made for children last week and they loved it so they wanted to watch this. They watched the first and second act while we ate lunch.

Since it is "look for a rainbow day" and National Poetry Month I read The Rainbow by Christina Rossetti aloud. I then dictated the poem to the picklets so they could write it.

We then learned about Life Poetry or list poetry and wrote our own.

We worked on our "Make Something Cool" project.

They played outside.

Dill made an orb necklace, another craft from Wizard Crafts. He also made chocolate mousse for National Chocolate Mousse Day.

Chip sewed a frog change holder from Naruto.

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Michelle said...

Thanks for these links; we'll be having a rainbow theme sometime soon. How do you find out about all these 'days' like rainbow day, chocolate mousse day?