Saturday, April 4, 2009

Make Something Cool Project 1

I didn't have anything planned for the picklets to do on the 2nd. I had just found out about it and was planning on starting our projects today. The picklets had an all together different idea. What initiative, what spunk, what I homeschool for!!!

Dill took the book Wizard Crafts and made all kinds of neat wizardry projects not only for him but for Sweet too. He made two magic wands using chopsticks and clothes pins. He made Orbs of Power Necklaces from beads and wire.
He made a lantern too. It looks pretty cool with the glowstick in it. Photobucket
He also made a feather quill using a pen and cardboard. I love when the creative bug crawls into him!

Sweet worked on a project she has had in her head for a month or so.Photobucket
She took a leg from a pair of Dill's old jeans and made a jean skirt and vest for her American Girl dolls. She also made buttons so the vest can button shut and a belt out of ribbon.Photobucket
She made the buttons by cutting popsicle sticks,coloring them and gluing them to beads. She then glued the beads to the vest. She even got the slits in the right place. Photobucket
I just here with my mouth open when she showed me. Her ingenuity, imagination and self taught sewing skills amaze me!

And where was I when they did all this? I was asleep. Instead of playing Wii or watching TV when we allowed them to stay up late they made this stuff! AWESOME!


Laughing Stars said...

What creative projects -- they did a great job.

Stephanie said...

I love it! My kid makes fabulous doll things herself, especially out of things like pant legs. Your daughter's creativity made me smile thinking about my own dd. :)

I can't wait to read more on your blog. I found you through MSCEDIA, and I'm thrilled to find out that you homeschool, too. I always love reading more homeschool blogs!

From one fellow homeschooler to another...