Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Make Something Cool Last Project and Final Thought

Since "Make Something Cool Everyday in April" ended 6 days ago I thought I should probably post the last, and by far, (my) favorite project. This one was Chip's baby. He drafted the design, engaged the help of our friend Marj Nedjl and went whole hog measuring, sketching and painting.
He used a projector to sketch the image on the wall.
Some of the gymnasts helped him paint but the design and most of the work was done all by hiim. The end product was very cool and admired by everyone who attended the competition. The design includes from left to right: a falcon, the Sokol logo, the American Flag and the Czech Flag. The words underneath the American flag mean "work hard for success". Excellent job my lad, excellent job!
As for my thoughts about making something cool, I think it is a great idea and we are going to keep it up the rest of the year. Thanks to dabbled for hosting this during the month of April.

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