Tuesday, May 19, 2009


On the Mindstprinting website.

Dear MINDsprinting Users:

These are very difficult times for all: school budgets have been cut and other forms of tutoring have become unaffordable. And we have been very encouraged by the many schools and families actively using our FREE programs. However, the FREE site is so new that we haven’t had enough time to grow to the size necessary to be self-sufficient. In other words, the recent economic turmoil has negatively impacted us too, such that unless we are able to immediately (i) obtain major sponsors, (ii) obtain other funding, or (iii) greatly increase the number of enrollees, we will soon be forced to shut down.
We are doing everything we can on our end and we appeal to you today for your help. If every parent and teacher: tells their friends, families, and co-workers about the site and urges them to enroll; emails/writes companies in their area who might be willing to become a sponsor; or contacts their local newspaper and television stations urging them to do a story; perhaps together we can save MINDsprinting and its wonderful FREE programs from disappearing. All of us continue to hear people say they want to do something to improve education. Well hopefully we can get those same people to help us save FREE tutoring!

I need your help my fellow homeschoolies. I really want (read NEED) Mindsprinting to stay on the net AND stay free. Check out number three up there. If they can greatly increase the number of enrollies things would be better. Could you please check it out and pass on the website to others you know who might be able to use it? This is really working with the picklets. They all love it! Thanks! Gerky

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