Tuesday, June 9, 2009

9 Things

Since today is the 9th I thought I would tell 9 things we have been up to.
  1. Homeschooling. Lots of eclectic learning going on.
  2. Reading. I am reading Joan of Arc and The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe aloud. Sweet is reading My Little Korean Cousin and Little House in the Big Woods, Dill is reading The Forest of Swords and Chip is reading The Cat of the Bubastes. I am reading Miserly Moms and Homeschooling on a Shoestring.
  3. Plumbing. We have a leak from our 2nd floor that is dripping into our basement. We have been capturing the water in buckets and using it to flush the toilet. Cool is attempting to fix the "issue" without having to call a plumber.
  4. Purging. We are always in that mode but things are going out and NOT coming back in!
  5. Sleeping. Cool and I each took a LONG nap on Sunday. Now I have been laying down to "rest" each afternoon. Bad habit!
  6. Nursing Chip. He hurt his neck while jumping on the trampoline this afternoon. He was showing off for a friend and while doing one of his "special ninja like" moves he landed on his side and jammed his shoulder up. His neck has been kinked and he has been on an Advil and Tylenol rotation every two hours. It is better tonight but if he moves it wrong he winces. Poor lil' guy.
  7. Dishes. I have done dishes three times today. And each time the sink was over full. Where are all these dishes coming from and why do they always need to be washed?
  8. Trying new recipes. I have been trying a ton of new recipes. Some good, some not. Today we had Zippy Hotdogs for lunch and won't be making those again. For supper I made spaghetti and meatball calzones and the consensus was those are keepers. Tomorrow will be a rice and burger casserole.
  9. Enjoying the great weather. Windows are open. Picklets are out breathing the fresh air. Mom and dad are camping. Dogs are out all day. Plants and flowers are growing. Trees are rustling. Birds are chirping and LIGHTNING BUGS ARE OUT!

What have you been up to?

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Magic and Mayhem said...

Sounds like lots of fun stuff, and a little bit of not so fun stuff. I hope Chip is feeling better soon.

I'm especially jealous of the sleep! A nap sounds heavenly. Heck, a full night's sleep sounds heavenly.... she says as she's up late reading blogs instead of sleeping! ;)