Monday, June 1, 2009


I went to the grocery store Thursday night and saw that Pillsbury Dinner Rolls and Grand's Biscuits were on clearance 2/$1.00. I bought them all! Also on clearance was Pillsbury Crescent Rolls for 99 cents each and Propel bottles for 25 cents each. I cleaned up! In all I bought 9 dinner rolls, 1 carmel cinnamon roll, 7 Grand's and 5 Crescent Rolls and 5 bottles of Propel for a grand total of $14.75! A savings of $28.25!!! I only wish I had my coupons with me at the time. On a side note I have to say that I only buy these kinds of items when they are clearanced. These will be a TREAT for us, one we are all looking forward to. :-)


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