Friday, July 17, 2009


I cannot believe it is July 17 and I was wearing long pants and a hoodie today. The weather is acting a wee bit wacky if you ask me. I don't mind cool weather so am not complaining in the least. Would rather have cool than hot.

Sweet and I went to gaga's for a "bohemie cooking lesson" today but came home because gaga was not feeling well. I just called her a little bit ago and she still isn't feeling well. She sounded terribly tired. I will need to call her tomorrow and check in.

Sweet isn't feeling well either. She has a cough, sore throat and was running a slight fever earlier. Since we are out of cough drops she is eating Popsicles to help her throat.

This afternoon I made three different batches of muffins. Strawberry Crunch, Blueberry Creme and Chocolate Cherry. Probably won't make the chocolate cherry again. Not a big fan of cooked Bing cherries though I love them raw. I haven't tried the blueberry yet but they look fantastic and the strawberry have a good flavor but the strawberries are a bit tart.

For supper we had barbecued baked chicken and creamed peas and carrots. Gaga sent some farm fresh chicken home with me and the picklets gobbled it up and asked for more. So I got the chicken man's number and will call him next week to order chickens. Gaga got 5 dressed chickens for $20.00. I can live with that. The peas came from gaga's garden and were superb. I have another helping left that I might just eat raw cause I love garden fresh peas.

I guess that is all that is new around here. My throat is starting to hurt so I am gonna throw another blanket on the bed and read until I fall asleep which should take about 3 minutes the way I feel right now.

Have a good night.

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Joi said...

Good thing that I did not call then. LOL. I hope that you are feeling better really soon. :-)

Tina said...

send some of the cool over here please!! it was 109 in our part of california today. we did not even venture out of the house, bleh!

Danielle said...

We were on vacation in Minnisota and it was freezing up there too. And of course none of us had proper wear for 50 and 60 degree weather...