Thursday, July 16, 2009

Don't Forget!

This weekend (July 18-19) the National Park Service is offering free admitance to some of the National Parks. Over 100 parks are included. Here is a state by state list of the participating parks. (Only one park is listed for Iowa...glad I checked!) For information on the free weekends go here.

I love going to the National Parks. The NPS offers lesson plans online for teachers plus games and Jr. Ranger programs for students. (Iowa doesn't offer the Jr. Ranger program )-:)

I found that the Herbert Hoover Museum and Library (in Iowa) has a pretty good Laura Ingalls Wilder lesson page that is fitting right in to my unit with Sweet. And how cool is it that the Hoover Museum is having Laura Ingalls Wilder day in September? Very cool for us I do say!

We will be passing this up this weekend but if you have a National Park near you, put the honey-do list on hold, pack a picnic, buckle up the kids, fill up the car and head there FAST for a fantastic day of fun, history and, of course, great family time!

And if you can't make it this weekend there is another one scheduled in August. Be sure to mark it on your calenders. :-)

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