Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mock Trial Camp

The picklets were given the opportunity to attend camps at a local college this summer. Chip attended Mock Trial Camp. He absolutely loved it! Now he thinks he is an expert lets us know what can be used in court and what can't.

The Case:

  • State v. Randall


  • James and Arlene go to a night club to have a drink. Randall, who has been drinking, comes up to their table, says he knows Arlene, and tries to talk to her. James gets angry and asks Randall to leave. An argument takes place and a fight ensues. The police are called and Randall is arrested for assault on James. Randall claims James caused the fight and that he was only defending himself.

Chip was one of the prosecutors. He had the burden of proof. Chip was asked by his group to write the opening statement.

"May it please the court?"


The reason we are here today, Your Honor, is because James Avery was assaulted by Randall Johnson.

Your Honor, this all took place on the date of May 1st, 2009 at the "Piano Bar" on 2nd Avenue, when James Avery walked into the bar with Arlene Templeton, James' new girlfriend. After entering the bar, they sat at a table and ordered drinks and dinner. While enjoying diner, Your Honor, Randall Johnson walked up to the table they were sitting at and asked Arlene, Jame's girlfriend, to dance, even though James was still sitting at the table. At that point Randall grabbed Arlene's arm to get her to dance. Worried about his girlfriend, James stood up calmly and asked Randall to leave or he would get the manager. When Randall refused to leave, James turned around to get the manager and BAM! Randall blindsided James with a punch. So as you can see Your Honor, Randall Johnson is guilty, of the assault and battery of James Avery.

Your Honor I know we have the burden of proof, which is beyond a reasonable doubt. At the end of the day we will meet that burden.

James Avery, a student at the University, will testify that Randall did indeed assault him.

Arlene Templeton, a teacher at an elementary school, will testify that Randall did grab her arm.

The reason we are here today, Your Honor, is because James Avery was assaulted by Randall Johnson. At the end of this trial we will ask that you find Randall Johnson guilty of assault and battery. Thank you.

I guess when Chip gave the opening statement he actually pounded his fist on the table when he said "BAM!" In the end the prosecution did win because they impeached a witness. A well deserved victory I do say!

The instructor told Chip he would make a good prosecutor because he has a gruff voice with a sharp edge to it.

Chip tends to obsess about things and this is no exception. He wants to join a mock trial group, which in itself isn't bad, but he doesn't want to join the one that is close. He wants to travel south 35-40 miles to join one that goes to state each year. Can you say OCD??

So, we will see what this fall brings. My guess is he will be busy with 4-H, gymnastics, music and Czech duties. But if he still wants to join we can look into it.

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