Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sign Language

I took sign language in high school. I am not "fluent" but I still know quite a bit of it; more than I can say for the French and Spanish I took. I taught the picklets the alphabet years ago. They can spell their name and often use the alphabet to spell their spelling words. But the sign language stopped there. I didn't continue with the lessons. So, this year, I am dusting off my sign CD, digging out my sign dictionaries, taking the sign dice off the shelf and we are going to continue on with our lessons.

My hope is that the picklets will be able to have conversations with hearing impaired. I know that my being able to speak some sign has been a heart warming experience over the years. It has put a smile on the faces of a few people who didn't think they would be able to communicate and made some potentially frustrating situations less stressful.

I guess the timing of this video being sent to the picklets and all three forwarding it on to me was apropos. I hope you enjoy it.

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