Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Normal Week?

Is there such a thing as a normal week? I think not. I keep saying to myself, "next week will be a normal week." But next week is never normal. What is normal anyway? I guess it's what we make it. So here are some highlights to our week.

  1. Sweet and I went to Gaga's, took her shopping, ate breakfast and I renewed my drivers licence for another 5 years. Sweet was given an assignment from Gaga. More to come later on that.
  2. Cool took Wednesday off from work and put the boys to work outside. The gutters were cleaned, the flower beds weeded and the lawn cleaned up.
  3. Gymnastics, gymnastics, gymnastics.
  4. Carlos O'Kellys baby! Ever tried their cheesecake empanadas? Try them, you'll like them.
  5. Reading, library visits and more reading.
  6. Trampoline jumping, flipping and generally scaring mom (that's me) gray.
  7. Bike riding.
  8. Dog walking.
  9. Movie making.
  10. Natural learning. Is there anything better?

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