Tuesday, September 8, 2009

We're Back and a Nutrition Unit

What a fun relaxing weekend we had! The weather couldn't have been more beautiful. Blue skies, temps in the 70's, a nice breeze and no rain! I will post pictures of our trip later this week as I need to do that on my laptop and Chip is using it right now.

Cool and I went shopping this weekend and found 1 thing out. We need to lose weight. Cool went up another pant size and everything I looked at/tried on was too small. It was very depressing.

So I decided today the picklets and I were going to delve into nutrition/health. Talk about flying by the seat of my pants...lol. For the next few days we are writing down everything we eat and attempting to count the calories of the food we ingest.

We are also taking a family walk once or twice day. If we lift weights it will be once, if not, twice. I think toning up my fat reserves will help with the unsightly bulge I have going on EVERYWHERE. Of course I am going to again start up the George Foreman workout. That is just something I can do on my own.

To help us along a bit I signed up on a couple of websites. The first being 50 Million Pound Challenge. This site allows me to track my weight, food eaten and exercise. It also has a journal area so I can journal my thoughts and feelings without others being able to see it. Like that! It also has a 30 day download able, printable menu.

The second is Bluezones. I saw this on Good Morning America and thought I would check it out. I haven't looked at the entire site to see everything it has to offer but after answering the 35 questions in the Vitality Compass it lets you know your biological years and tells you ways to add days and years onto your life. Right now it is in Beta so for a little while joining the Vitality Coach is free. I hope it stays free for a while because right now I am liking what I see. :-) As a bonus it has an education part to the site. I haven't looked at it yet but did sign up to receive updates. This site also has information on the Ikaria Diet, which is basically the Mediterranean Diet. I am a bit interested in the way that works. Changing our diet to include red meat once a week, fish once a week, chicken twice a week and sustaining ourselves on beans, veggies and fruits the rest of the time might work for us. We don't eat meat everyday now so it wouldn't be that big of a change. And I could concentrate on getting healthier alternatives into our meals. That will take a bit more research though.

Anyway, that is my plan. I know losing this weight will help my blood high pressure (as we in my family call it), my stress level, the anxiousness I am always feeling and my outlook on life.

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AF Wife99 said...

I will be pulling for you and family as you learn nutrition and work on making yourselves healthier. Don't we all need to do that! Love reading your blog.