Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Fire That Sweet Built

This is the fire that Sweet built.

This is Sweet posing by the fire that Sweet built.

This is Millie the Wonder Dog coveting the almighty pork chops that cooked over the fire that Sweet built.
One thing I have noticed during my camping excursions through the years is that people do not know how to start a campfire. I have seen people squirt lighter fluid that created a whoosh and a 6 foot flame only to have it die down to nothing. I watched a guy a couple years ago tear strips of paper off sheets and throw them, one by one, into the fire ring, light them and not have anything else to lay atop it to actually keep a fire going. This past weekend I watched a guy bring a fan out of his camper and use that as a bellows to start his fire. I wish you could see me shaking my head right now. My dad taught me to build a campfire when I was pretty young. It has been a skill, though not used alot, that has come in handy through the years. This year was the year Sweet was taught how to light a campfire. We talked about renting her fire lighting services out to the other campers this past weekend.

Good job Sweet! Keep up the good work!

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