Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Catch Up Week

We are playing a game of catch up this week. Seems we all have a project or two that needs to be finished. No better time than the present, right?

Sweet is finishing her beaver science materials which includes a word search, crossword puzzle, fill in the blanks, reading 3 books, finishing her dam, making a blog entry and writing a paper on beavers. In all this should take her a total of an hour and a half. It is just disciplining herself to actually get it done.

Chip needs to finish reading 1984, a book that was assigned to him by Cool. I did find a lesson plan on the book but would rather just find a lapbook or something hands on so it would seem so much like work. Maybe he would enjoy it more that way.

Dill is caught up with everything but reading The Jungle Book. He has it set in his head that he is going to hate it. He loves the movie. I know that the movie and book differ some but give it a chance man! Will be pushing that on him.

Sweet and Dill also need to finish their Iowa map project. Chip cut the map out and mounted it on a board for them, so part of the work is done. We will do that Friday when we are home all day. I bet Chip will help out too if asked.

I need to organize the shelving on the porch. My kitchen table is still stacked with games. The pile is higher than me. I certainly hope the cats don't think that would be a great high place to lay cause if those games fall it will be chaos. I started last night but got tired and went to bed.

We also need to carve our pumpkins and make our pumpkin seeds. As Sweet pointed out earlier today...we only have three days left! I hope we can do that Friday night after Cool gets home. :)

So, that is my week of catch up. Next week is going to be haywire too but if we get caught up on these things it might be a little more on the smooth side.

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