Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fall Presidential Fitness Testing

Each year our homeschool association has Presidential Fitness Testing. That is one of the few things we participate in. And we do it both in the fall and the spring. The reason we do that is so we can see if there was progression during the year. Being involved in gymnastics there usually is.

A couple Tuesdays ago we made our way to the testing site and the picklets had at it. They always have fun.

Chip took Presidential in the push-ups. Can't remember the number.
Dill didn't do so hot with the pike stretch but he has never been too flexible. Takes after his mama.
Sweet took presidential in the shuttle run with a time of 9.1.
After the testing was done the picklets joined the others in a game of Indian Pins. The closest link I could find to explain the game is here. It really doesn't explain it that well but I have to agree with the author of the article. The games that were written about did rock!

The picklets had a good time, caught up with some friends and were pooped by the time we got home.

PS...Since no permissions were gotten from the others that night and to protect our identities I have blurred the faces. I just want to make clear that absolutely no disrespect is intended in blurring out faces. (I don't want a repeat of the "Governor Incident".)

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