Friday, October 23, 2009

Journey North

We again participated in Journey North. We followed the lesson plans provided on the Journey North Website.

The picklets each decorated a butterfly to send along with the migrating butterflies.

Dill decorated his as a Sharingan from Naruto. From what I understand this is one of the three noble occular jutsus in Naruto. At least that is what Dill tells me.

Sweet decorated hers by marbling it. She has US on it but didn't take into account that it should have been done backwards so it came out backwards. Oh well. (on the back I had typed their name, school and a greeting to the children in Mexico)

Chip decorated his with a Coca Cola logo. Coke is known world wide ya know.

We gathered everything together and sent it out. Dill asked the postmaster if he could watch them cancel the stamps and date it.
Now we wait until Spring to see if we get butterflies back. More of my Journey North posts.

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