Friday, November 20, 2009

Sweet's Garbage Find

The picklets are excited about Christmas this year. Last year we didn't have a Christmas Tree. We decorated our ficus tree with lights and used Woody as an angel. It wasn't ideal but it was something. Imagine how excited Sweet was when she spotted this beauty on the curb almost two weeks ago for FREE. "Can we take it home, pleeeeeease?" How could I resist?

So that Sunday morning at 8:00, Sweet set up the new to us Christmas tree. Imagine my surprise that all the pieces were actually there and it was 7 feet tall! Imagine Sweet's surprise when she found a dollar in the box along with the tree, a bunch of lights and window decorations. "They paid me to take their tree!" said Sweet.
So the following Monday the picklets and I decorated for Christmas.Photobucket
This is the earliest we have ever decorated for Christmas and let me tell you that it has been the thing we really needed.
A change. Some hope for change.
Pretty lights.
Christmas memories past. New memories being made all the time.
Change is nice.

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Diane said...

How wonderful. The tree looks great. We hope to put up our next week.