Saturday, November 21, 2009

The North Pole

Being as we are in Christmas mode, I thought I would share one of our most favorite Christmas sites. is very cool!

Visiting the Northpole is a free site full of activities that will keep your younglings interested for quite some time. There are 9 buildings at the Northpole that you can visit. Each building has something fun to do. In these buildings your younglings can read stories about Santa and the reindeer and write stories with THEM as the star! They can play games, do mazes and crosswords. There are more activities than I can mention because we haven't had time to try them all out yet.

You (the parental unit) can visit Elf Pal Academy and set up some math practice with online flashcards. Then print off a diploma for the kids. Most of the activities in the academy are for young children but the picklets like the timed flashcards.

Be sure your kids stop by the mail room to send Santa a letter and to sign up for a birthday letter from Santa.

Also be sure to stop by Santa's Den to get a list of Christmas movies, books and music.

My favorite building? Mrs. Claus' kitchen! You can hear the fire burning in her kitchen. I want a fireplace in my kitchen. In her cookbook I found the best recipe to try. Banana Granola Cookies. Wonder how they will taste being baked in an electric oven instead of a wood stove oven?

So, if you get the time, check it out. I am sure someone in your family will find something worth looking at.

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