Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What We Did Today

I hate to admit it, but schedules work in the picklebarrel. None of that loosey goosey stuff for us. If I have it down on paper, have a time by it and have a snack or meal scheduled later, the work gets done. Today we were busy as it was cleaning day. Tuesday works for cleaning day because we are home all day on Tuesdays. So, this is what our day looked like.

paper delivery
7th Heaven
C-clean bathroom
D-collect garbage, take out, pick up bands and garbage from end of driveway, pick up dog poop in your area and also on sidewalk, read required book when finished
C-clean off tables, help in kitchen
G-work on kitchen, bathroom drawers, start laundry
C-animal care and cleaning of pet areas, read required book when finished
D-practice piano and recorder, read required book when finished
S-put recycling in garage, take cans out, pick up dog poop, read required book when finished
G-work on laundry, continue on bathroom drawers and cabinets
C-pick up garbage in yard, clean up driveway, pick up sticks and put in fire pit, read required book when finished
D-clean living room
S-practice piano and recorder, read required book when finished
G-help Dill if needed, work on laundry and bathroom drawer and cabinets, prepare snack
snack-3 Twizzlers, 1/4 cup mixed nuts, 22 pretzels, ice water
read aloud of An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving by Louisa May Alcott
All-finish chore that have not been completed throughout the morning--make beds, walk dogs etc...After chores have been checked Chip needs to practice piano and bass. Dill and Sweet can read required book.
Dinner--leftover Pizza Hut, pop
Watch You Are There, documentary sheet
C-work upstairs--put clothes away, put stuff away, pick up hallway
D-kitchen duty-dishes, counters, tables, floors
S-work in room-clean up, sweep, vacume
G-help as needed, work on laundry and bathroom
All--put stuff in Rubbermaid tub away
put laundry away
read required reading
snack--cinnamon sticks from Pizza Hut, eggnog
free time
J-clean off porch, haul stuff to van and garage
D and S--clean your stuff out of van
Boys work on laundry and other chores as assigned, read required reading
Sweet--finish room
Free time
Mom to start supper---grilled cheese, soup, relish tray, cupcake
Sweet lights out
Dill lights out
Chip lights out

It was busy but very productive. Though it doesn't look like anything was accomplished. But my bathroom drawers and cabinets look great. I also cleaned out the dresser in the hallway out so we can move that upstairs when Cool gets the chance. We took 6 boxes of stuff to the van for a garage sale Sokol is having this weekend. I threw away 4 grocery sacks full of junk that we have accumulated.

Ahhhh...I love productive days and who woulda thunk that purging can be so very freeing.

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