Friday, December 18, 2009

Holiday Countdown

Life has spiralled this season. My parents are preparing for their first trip south for the winter. With that preparation we are spending a lot of time with them and not getting to our countdown. But we have spent a lot of time helping grandma and grandpa with things like dusting and vacuming, carrying heavy things up the steps and helping mount the heavy things on the walls. We have made batches and batches of Chex Mix, made trips to Best Buy, tried to help with the laptop issues they are having. We have eaten lunch there 3 times this week and talked and laughed and reminisced while drinking coffee and eating angel candy. And through all of this I keep thinking 3 months without them being right here. At 39 years old, I think I may have abandonment

Anyway, we celebrate the holidays with Cool's family tomorrow. My BIL and his family will be there as well as a couple friends of the family. Usually it is quite low key with sandwiches and finger foods. We used to play a present game with dice but stopped that a couple years ago. It really stressed me and Cool out. It wasn't fun. Not because if we didn't win we didn't get prizes but because other people participating got very angry if they didn't win. So the picklets, niece and nephews are the only present recipients. My youngest nephew is getting a video camera from us. It sounds extravagant but cost well under $100. My niece is getting a pamper me set. I bought lotions, hair ties, pedicure stuff, bath products and various other items to put in a basket for her. Since she is our God-daughter I probably will throw in a gift card or some cash too. My oldest nephew, through he is going to be 19, will get a gift card cause I don't have a clue as to what to get a 19 year old boy whose parents (his mom and step dad, not my in laws) have given him everything he has ever wanted. We will also celebrate my MIL's birthday. We bought her a pair of Betty Boop pj's. She loves Betty Boop and pj's so it is a win-win situation! Unfortunately, it will be a fast celebration as we won't get there until 4ish and will have to leave by 8 because of paper delivery. But it will be family getting together and will make my MIL happy.

On Sunday we celebrate the holidays with my family. My dad's side of the family, my aunt, uncle and Gaga will be at my mom and dad's house. Mom's family isn't able to join us this year. Mom and I have prepared stuff all week and, I am positive, we will have enough food to feed double or triple the people coming. Buying for this side of the family is hard. They all buy what ever they want so what can I possibly buy for them? I bought used. I got my uncle a squirrel feeder for a quarter and got some feed corn up the street. My aunt is getting a unique potpourri holder for her table that cost me $1.00. I put some cinnamon pine cones in it that I got for free at Menards. My grandma is getting a denim button up shirt with cardinals on it (quarter), some blank note cards with envelopes (dollar), a grocery list for her fridge (dollar) and a notepad for her purse (dollar). I am also going to give her some big tapioca from my pantry because she is out of hers and I can't get down to the bulk store until after the holidays. My mom is getting a whole bunch of stuff including a Precious Moments coffee cup, a platter, angle candle holders and a some cookies freshly baked by the picklets. My dad I bought new for. Since he got a laptop for the holidays from my mom I bought him a keyboard and mouse. It will make it easier for him. I also bought him a dollar beer stein from Germany (he was stationed there) and fresh baked picklet peanut butter cookies.

My parents leave the next day for three months. Cool is off work starting December 24 through January 4. We will grocery shop, clean, sleep and hopefully reconnect.

As for our Holiday countdown, I have failed. We didn't have some of the ingredients and then got off track. We will do all the activities we skipped after the first of the year. Until then we will celebrate the season in Pickle fashion. Together.

So, if you don't hear from me, except for the occasional already scheduled posts, until 2010 know that we wish you Happy Holidays with all our hearts and a safe, peaceful beginning to 2010.

Cool, Gerky, Chip, Dill and Sweet Pickle
Gracie the Meek, Millie the Wonder Dog, Shadow and Palo too.

Remembering Char, Grandma and Grandpa Johnson and Dick who we have lost through our years together and sorely miss. Also remembering Dutchess, Asia, Shamus, Blacktop and Number Three whom we will meet again at The Rainbow Bridge.

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MoonNStarMommy said...

{{{HUGS}}} I hope you have a very good time with your family!!

Anonymous said...

What if someone to whom you're giving these gifts reads your blog and sees what they're getting (and prices!)? Think you should add a SPOILER ALERT!

Also, the comment numbering doesn't seem to be working. It says zero comments but this one is actually the second comment here...

Gerky said...

Re: Spoiler Alert

The wonderful thing about our families is that no one cares where the gifts come from or how much they cost. In fact I usually tell my BIL and SIL how much I paid and where I got the presents from. Sometimes they are jealous of the deals I get, sometimes I am jealous of the deals they get. Luckily, we are all Goodwill shoppers. We all get and receive used gifts. It is just the way we are.

I have given the blog address to very few family members. This is my outlet and sometimes I write things I don't want family members to read. I didn't give listing the presents a second thought because of that. But thanks for bringing up that someone might see it. I will keep that in mind next time.