Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Holiday Countdown Activities

I finally got our holiday countdown chain hung up. After viewing this blog, I decided to spice things up this year. Instead of just a chain I made a chain tree. It is really adorable.

Each loop is numbered telling which day needs to be opened. I numbered them 1-24 instead of 24-1 but that is ok. Inside each loop I taped a slip of folded up paper. The paper is the fun part as it contains the days activity. I am anticipating a fun countdown this year.


Here is our list of activities:

1. Celebrate red apple day. Make apple crisp together, 1 to eat and 1 to share.
2. Donate 5 toys and 5 pieces of clothing to church by Grandmas.
3. Decorate windows with window markers
4. It’s National Cookie Day! Let’s bake some cookies.
5. Drive around and look at Christmas lights.
6. Who remembers what day it is? Go check your shoes!
7. Write a holiday letter telling about your year.
8. Can you believe there is a National Brownie Day??? Hot fudge brownie delights for dessert!
9. String popcorn and cranberries. Decorate the pine tree.
10. Donate 5 toys and 5 pieces of clothing to church by Grandmas.
11. The 7th was Cotton Candy Day. Want to make homemade cotton candy?
12. Make homemade hot cocoa, bag it up and deliver to neighborhood kids.
13. Watch A Christmas Story with the usual fixin’s.
14. Walk around the park and pick up pine cones. Make pine cone feeders for our feathered friends.
15. Make freezer meals and share with those who can use them. Lasagna and green beans.
16. Make Rice Krispy Treats and deliver to the neighbors.
17. Cake and ice cream for breakfast.
18. Play Planet Earth and Uno Rummy.
19. Plan a special meal for daddy. Make pet treats.
20. Make a special meal for daddy.
21. Celebrate Winter Solstice. Make cinnamon dough ornaments. Bake and decorate a yule log.
22. Make a family line drawing
23. Make hors de vors
24. Danielle and kids are coming over. Let’s party!

Enjoy counting down to the holidays!

(c) 2008-2009 Wicked Pickles-Homefront Lines


Anonymous said...

I love your list! I think I "steal" some of your ideas! Thanks for posting!

Danielle said...

Beet made her count down string last night..( I know we are little behind) But I love the way you did it. I may have to steal the concept. Cant wait until the 247th!

Dacia's School said...

This is great and I looked at the other blogs too the working out one I have used Leslie Sansone or something like that. Feel frr to email to me I would love a buddy who walks too. Love the blog you have really cute "picklets"