Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Failed Plans 1-5-10

I had plans for the day. Big plans. Huge plans. Failed plans.

The plan of the day was to go upstairs and clean the boys room from top to bottom. Not that it needs it or anything. It's just that two boys, 1 teenager and 1 preteen, living in a room together. If you don't know anything about teen boys let me tell you they live by the motto, "Cleanliness is next to Godliness." NOT!

We didn't make it up the stairs but there is a reason for it. Unfortunately I can't show you what that reason was. It was brilliant.

The picklets decided to make a tutorial. They had costume changes. They rehersed. It was fun. It was loud. It was great! They filmed all morning.

Chip uploaded the "takes" to the computer only to find out that his new camera format isn't compatible with movie maker. Crud. I tried to change the format on the films but nothing I did would change it. I later found out from Cool that Chip still hasn't read the instruction manual for his new video camera so therein might lie the key. I wish he'd read it so we can post it. Like I said, it is brilliant!

After lunch I helped the picklets go through their clothes and discard what they won't use anymore. I made them haul their clothes to my room individually. I then sorted by t-shirts, shorts, pants, long sleeve...etc. The first thing they had to do was get rid of everything they would not wear, period. For Dill that was easy. he has no sentimental attatchment to anything like that but try to get rid of a Pokemon card and watch out.

For Chip this was hard. I finally told him I wanted a yes or no, nothing else needed to be said. I soon found out we should have gone through clothing long before we did. The boys both had pants that were 2 sizes too small. But in my defense they have both undergone a growth spurt as of late. And they wear the same pants all the time. Dill has 3 pairs of the same pants. That is all he wears. Chip wears nothing but pajama bottoms at home so getting into the pants in the closet isn't necessary.

After hours of clothing and many episodes of Law and Order we finally finished. 4 large garbage bags of clothing for Goodwill in the morning, clean dresser drawers and nicely organized closets. A great days work if I do say so.

Chip still hasn't figured out the video camera format so I won't be posting the video tonight but I am sure he will figure it out soon. Making videos and posting them online is important to him and now that he has his very own video camera I know he won't let it go to waste.

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