Thursday, January 7, 2010

Getting Up On time, part 1

We have had an ongoing issue with the picklets not wanting to get up on time in the mornings. I understand wanting to sleep in. I understand being tired. But I also understand responsibility.

Dill, Sweet and I are the paper deliverers in the house. I have been the one who gets up at 3:30 and makes sure the others get up in time. As the mom I understand that is one of my responsibilities. But as paid employees, I understand that Dill and Sweet have a responsibility to get up on time for work.

Since they are paid employees I gave them incentive to get up on their own every day. If they are not up and ready to leave by 4:00 am they lose half of their pay for that day. If they aren't ready by 4:15 they lose another half. This may seem harsh but responsibility comes with a price. They wanted a job. They want to earn money. Job=responsibility. Think about it, if they were late for work each day and I wasn't their boss would they continue to have a job? Would their boss at any other job call and make sure they are up every single day? It is ongoing training in the life skills department.

I have a time sheet for each of them. It shows the date, the time they were ready and how much they earned for the day. I also have a column that shows their running total. I showed them their earning potential being on time and being late. I now hear alarms going off in the mornings. Efforts are being made. Progress is being seen. :-)

They know they each have the power to earn almost $100 each month and that it is up to them to get up on time to earn it. Responsibility is a good thing!

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