Thursday, January 7, 2010

Getting Up On Time, part 2

We have had troubles with getting up on time. In the last post I explained the actions I have taken with Dill and Sweet. This post is going to focus on Chip.

Chip has never been a morning person. I can't understand why he was born at 4:42 am because he does not like to start his days early at all. Yesterday he wouldn't get out of bed. I used the "Have a New Kid by Friday" method and left him at home. I left him a note with chores, school assignments and instruction to call his piano teacher and explain he wouldn't be at lessons because he wouldn't get out of bed.

He did his chores and his assignments. He didn't tell the piano teacher the truth which is something we will talk about later. I thought I would share one of his school assignments. He was to write a paper about getting up on time. If only he lived by the words put in this paper.

Getting Up On Time by Chip Pickle

One of the first responsibilities you will have to learn in your life is also one of the most important; getting up on time. Getting up on time is more than just the time you have to get ready for school. Its what gets you ready for the day. Even on
the weekends if you get up at 6:00, you will have a better day, because you will have a whole day to yourself to do what ever you want. For example, if you have to be home by nine and you get up at eleven that's 10 hours to do what you want. But if you got up at six, you would have had 5 more hours.

Getting up on time is good for more than just enjoyment however. It puts you in a better mood. Generally, at least with me, when I get up earlier I feel better and have a better day.

Later on in life it becomes even more important than when you're a kid because it's what keeps the food on the table. If you don't get up on time you could be late for work and if you're late for work you could lose your job. So basically, getting up on time will help you through life from having fun on the weekends to keeping your job. Getting up on time will be hard at first but you learn to enjoy it.

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