Friday, January 22, 2010

January 21

After taking a day off because daddy was home due to the ice storm, we got back to business. We still don't have a schedule and we are not accomplishing as much as I want to each day BUT maybe I am aiming for too much too fast.

We continued our study of earthquakes and Haiti. I read aloud How Earthquakes Work and we watched the little videos on the site. There were little clips showing how the fault lines work. Also included in this was How Richter Scales Work and pictures of the aftermath that earthquakes leave.

The picklets continued work on the worksheets from Breaking News. They worked on "before reading", "during listening" and "listen and fill in the gaps". I had no idea how beneficial it is to leave parts out of sentences and then dictate to fill in the gaps. It really makes them listen and pay attention.

During lunch we watched Bill Nye The Science Guy: Earthquakes . Is there anything better than Bill Nye when it comes to science?

The picklets then made model fault lines from playdoh and demonstrated how the fault lines work.
Every good science experiment must begin with the proper equipment.
Moving the plates at the fault line to create an earthquake.
Then came their favorite part of the day. Candy Quakes. They loved this! They didn't even mind writing hypothesis and observations cause they knew candy was the end result.

Using transversal force on a piece of Bubble Yum.
The experiments. Bubble Yum with compressional, tensional and transversal force applied. Hershey and Snickers candy bars with transversal force applied. Twizzlers that were stacked and compressional force applied. Upper right is a twizzler that tensional force was applied.
I read chapter 1 of The Story of the Olympics by Dave Anderson aloud while the picklets played with playdoh.

A rattlesnake and Dill made.

The world made of playdoh.
The picklets worked in their Wordtoons books, played Timez Attack, practiced ice skating in the Sokol parking lot (since it was covered with ice from the storm) and attended gymnastics class. We attempted to watch Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs but the Redbox movie wouldn't play.

And that was pretty much our day though I did leave out the house cleaning and the traveling.

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