Monday, January 18, 2010

The Week in Review, January 11-17, 2010

I started this year, all 18 days ago, with the plan that I would blog every single day. Now you see why I don't make resolutions. It is just a plan for failure IMHO. Either that or I am just a procrastinator, which according to Ms. Crisp, I am.

Before I forget I thought I better write down our scholastic endeavors from last week. There wasn't much in the way of structured. But then, we aren't structured kind of people, though we want to be.

Monday we watched: You Are There: D-Day and Sweet (history) had gymnastics practice. (PE) This also happened to be the day when Dill threw up everything he has ever eaten, ever. They all played Timez Attack. (math)

Tuesday Dill was still sick. Chip, being the typical teenager who can't seem to follow a direction or finish any given project, was told he was in charge of the entire house. He had to cook, clean, vacuum and do laundry before his dad got home. He was thrilled! (life skills)Sweet did a little CSI schooling. She watched Law and Order with me all day. (science?) She also worked on needle work and played with American Girl Dolls. (life skills and history)

Wednesday we ran errands and the picklets read from their reading books. (reading) They also started to watch Earth but once it started we knew we had already seen it so we put in Myth Busters Season 1. (science) They loved seeing Buster in his natural, un-hurt form. They all played Timez Attack. (math)

Thursday we were in town all day. That isn't an altogether bad thing though. We worked on a lesson from Homeschooling The Middle Years on John Adams. We read a short biography of him, the picklets each wrote a story using the prompt, "Imagine what it would be like if you were imprisoned by soldiers in a city or town, under the rule of a King who lived 3000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean." (history, writing) I will post those later today because they were quite imaginative. They also did a small art project that you can find here. (art) I left those at work but they did a good job on them. The picklets had gymnastics practice. (PE) They all played Timez Attack. (math)

Friday I had an appointment with a new doctor that took up my entire morning. I left a to-do list for the picklets and for some reason the to-do's didn't get done. (life skills?) That didn't make for a very happy mama and I just shut down the rest of the day. I didn't want to yell and I wanted to cry. They all played Timez Attack. (math)

Saturday Sweet had gymnastics practice. (PE) After we got home she played with her friend Banana and the boys dueled. Yughio, Bakugan, Pokemon; who knows what one it was. All I know is there is a lot of logic and problem solving going on in those games.

Sunday I got on a cleaning kick. I cleaned out the drawers in my kitchen, disposing of unused/unneeded items. I then sprayed the outsides of the drawers with degreaser and scrubbed them with a toothbrush. They look mah-velous. I had Dill clean out the lazy susan and Sweet clean out the baking sheet cupboard. I supervised the boys putting away their clothes since it is such an issue to actually put them away in lieu of stacking them anywhere they can find.

Now it is Monday morning. We are heading to Gaga's for some grocery shopping and some visiting. Gaga called yesterday and said she was lonely. No better time than the present to do some cheering up! The picklets have an assignment for the grocery store and I have some MLK stuff for them also.

Happy Monday.

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