Monday, February 1, 2010

January 25-30

What a busy week we had! Between a blizzard, a meeting with our supervising teacher, gymnastics and school I barely have time to do the other 100,000 things I do every day!

We mainly concentrated on Haiti and Earthquakes. There was some fun and some seriousness but I know they learned a lot! One of the reasons I know they know that is the conversation they had with our supervising teacher. It went something like, "Did you know that in Haiti the average day's pay is only $2.00?" and "Did you know that 1 out of 8 children die before the age of 8 in Haiti?" and "Did you know that the age expectancy in Haiti is only 56?" I smiled inside knowing they were soaking the stuff up!

The highlights of the week included learning more Haitian Creole (which they LOVE), listening to a read aloud of Teaching About Haiti (which they hate), making an earthquake and seismograph (tons of fun), mapping the country of Haiti, identifying Haiti on a world map, playing Monopoly, playing Clue, Wordtoons, free reading, free writing and writing prompts, learning about Nam June Paik, Gymnastics, Svetlusky (Czech folk group) and 4-H (where they made kolaches).

During the visit with the supervising teacher the picklets learned about different noses and learned about some animals that have crazy snouts. We should be thankful for our

Dill and Sweet made supper one night consisting of homemade waffles, sausage and a fruit salad. Nummy!

It was a full week. The picklets are learning and retaining the information they learn. It makes for a happy homeschool mama. :-)

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