Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cool's Week Off, An Update

Thought I would pop in and give an update on the progression of Cool's week off and our spring cleaning project. Hmmm...where to start.

First off I would like to thank the picklets for giving me the "crud", as our supervising teacher has called it. I have been hacking for the last two days and haven't felt good either. In fact, I woke up yesterday, delivered papers and went back to bed until 4:00 yesterday afternoon. Today I feel a bit better but I have a horrible sounding cough.

We have bought cleaning supplies, made lists and started the cleaning process. Unfortunately it has been slow going. Cool has been working from home because of some projects going on at work. Yesterday he put in a good 6 hours and today, so far, at least 3. In between we have been making some progress. As much progress as a sick person and her spouse, who can't leave work at work, can make.

While delivering papers on Sunday I fell in hole and hurt my neck. That has been fun too.

Cool has been trying desperately to start the truck. It has set all winter (in a snow bank) and now won't start. It sat on the charger over night and will turn over but won't fire up. He sprayed starter fluid on it and that was when the flames started. Dill said, "Um, there are flames." Cool yelled, "What?" Dill responded nonchalantly with, "There's a fire in there." Cool put the fire out and continued trying to start it. That was when it backfired and flames came out the tailpipe. Thank goodness no one was standing too close. Cool is now on the phone to his boss relating the whole story. To listen to him tell it, it is humorous. What is life without humor after all?

Sweet and I are almost done with her room. This is the first day I have felt up to working in there again. We went through her dresser, closet and bookshelf. She has been very good at donating items. I am very proud of her.

Tomorrow we are having corned beef and cabbage for supper. Sweet has gymnastics and the picklets all have piano. Thursday the picklets all have gymnastics. Friday we are home all day and Saturday brings gymnastics and 4-H as well as a parade should we choose to be in it. Sunday Cool goes back to work. The week sure is going fast to look at it like that.

Hope your week is going great too!

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AFwife99 said...

We're having corned beef and cabbage too- in the crock pot. Sounds like the week has been challenging for you- I hope you are feeling better soon.