Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Break

I guess it is as good a time as any to call a break. It is to get into the 70's, possibly 80's, this week. Great outdoor weather. There will be plenty of hot weather for indoor study so we may as well take advantage of it. My mom and dad are due home from their trip south this week. The picklets will be excited when they find out.'s a secret.

The picklets have recently acquired some new Wii games and are having a blast with them. Band Hero, Guitar Hero, Super Mario Bros. and Dance Dance Revolution have made their way into our everyday life. And what fun it is to watch them play, laugh and have fun together. I stink at everything but like to play along with them. DDR is amazingly active and has us all sweating by the end of the longer songs. Dill has started wearing hospital socks so he has traction on the mat.

Gymnastics is still going strong (Sweet practices 4 days a week) with competition for Sweet and Chip coming up on the 17th of April. Dill has opted not to compete. He is OK with it so I need to be also.

The picklets have started Tae Kwon Do. Cool thought they needed the discipline of the sport. From what I have seen it has had a very positive affect on them. They practice their moves at home and don't use them to hurt each other (always a good thing). They will test for their uniform and white belt next week. During Tae Kwon Do I have started using the workout room at the center. Last night I did a 20 minute fat burning walk on the treadmill. Not any ole treadmill mind you, but the kind they use at cardiologists offices. Inclines, speed increases and the bit. It just about killed me. I was holding on for dear life to the bar in front of me when the machine went up to 3.5 mph. Thank God it only lasted a minute. 3.5 is pretty good jaunt, especially for those who are not used to it. It should get easier, I hope. :-)

Even though I have declared it Spring break we still have some scholastic kinds of things going on around here. I hope to post when we are finished. I also have pictures to upload and posts to make on the pictures. Sweet found my camera cord this morning so maybe this afternoon I can.

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AFwife99 said...

Hope the gymnastics goes well. Glad to hear you hit the tread mill yourself. Keep up the good work!