Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Being Sucked In

Well, I finally caved to the pressure and joined Facebook. What a remarkable site it is. Friends, games, gossip, freebies and information all on one site. I started my account for the freebie aspect. Then I added a couple of friends. Before I knew it I had crops, animals, fish and food going all the time.

I got sucked in. I found that I had to check Facebook. I either had food that was going to spoil, fish that would die or crops that would wither. Friends always had something to say. I laughed, commented and sat with mouth ajar at some posts. I found keeping in touch is much easier. I got up this morning at 2:55 and immediately sat down to Facebook. My crops were ready, I had food ready to serve and my fish were ready to sell. I wondered if I would advance to another level.

As I was plowing my newly harvested fields my computer locked up. I kept calm, got myself a cup a coffee and waited to see if it would magically unlock. NOPE! I was very angry. I spent all that time clicking away only to have everything lock up and not be saved! ARGH! I opened a new internet window, started new food and then sat there staring at the computer screen. I just stared.

All of sudden it hit me. Like a bottle rocket that just exploded. I asked myself..."How much time do you waste on this each day?" I didn't like the answer. It is just a website. Just a game. Get a grip woman!

So, I did the unthinkable. I disabled my account. No more fish. No more animals. No more crops.

I feel free. Free-er than I have in a long time. I went through all my long neglected email this morning. Checked my blogs, found some new recipes to try and have actually been fairly productive without the nagging Facebook addiction whispering in my ear.

I know I will eventually have to able the account because of the Freebies offered only on Facebook. But I will be waiting a while.


Risa said...

I love facebook, but use it very differently than most. I don't do freebies, I don't play games, have farms, etc. I use it solely to keep in touch with friends and family, most of whom live elsewhere. I like that you can post pics or an update, a recipe, and whoever is interested can check it out. Saves me tons of time--but I totally hear you that most folks waste a LOT of time on there! :-)

Cassie and Jase said...

Hey - checking in from the Postcard Swap. Are you guys still participating?