Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Body Map

A post with actual homeschool content. AMAZING!

Chip and Sweet are at gymnastics instructors school this week and last, so Dill has had the rare opportunity to do school work on his own. Not that he doesn't have his own work it's just been uninterrupted.

On Monday I told him to finish up his journal entry, put his stuff away and we would work on a body map. Having no idea what I was talking about, he cautiously did as he was told and then waited. I took out a long piece of butcher paper that I retrieved from the hands of someone who was going to throw it away and said, "Lay down." I outlined his body with a sharpie and told him he needed to find some websites that would show him the organs and bones and he was to map them out.
He found two sites that he liked and were easy to follow. This one for the skeletal system and this one for the internal organs. He decided he didn't need things like a bladder or a gallbladder because those would cover up other organs already drawn in. I had a hard time convincing him to draw ribs too because of the fear they would cover the heart and lungs. As you can see he got himself so worked up over it that he though his ribs were in his brain!
He studied the computer hard
and worked his fingers to the bone.
And in the end he created "Inside Out Dill"
All in all, he learned quite a bit, had fun AND has this awesome "Inside Out Dill" to hang on his wall.

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Lisa said...

Great job! Looks like he had fun doing it too. I've been wanting to do this with one my kids for the longest time and can't wait to show them your pics. Thanks for posting the links you used.

Joi said...

That is awesome!!

Rebecca (me!) said...

What a great idea!! I wonder if I can get any of my children to do this? I will have to see!!! GREAT idea for a co-op or Science club, too!!

Samantha said...

First time here, I love your de-lurking sign! I get mostly lurkers over at my blog...I always try to leave a comment, because comments feel nice!

Stacy said...

That is so cool! My dd is going into 9th grade, and is very artistic. I'll bet she'd love to do a project like this one! Thanks for posting this!

Pamela said...

What a very cool idea! I'm bookmarking this page to do with my kids and a group of friends. Thanks for sharing!

Jimmie said...

Most impressive!